The vsCommandEvent also uses the JSON format (text-based language-independent data interchange format)

Where it placed ?

It should be 2 places below:

Common .vsce

The common settings for all your Visual Studio should stored in:

%HOMEPATH%\Documents\ -> Visual Studio <num>\vsCommandEvent directory. Where <num> is version of used Visual Studio.

For example: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\vsCommandEvent\.vsce

.vsce for Solution

Optional, your settings may stored with specific solution. For this case, all configuration can be shared for other users.

You can manage of this in Settings - Configuration:

  • Enable Use Solution context if need storing configuration in solution folder.
  • Disable Use Solution context if need ignoring of already existing shared configuration from other users etc.
  • Use Clone from ... config for a quick copying of configuration between Common & Solution context.

You can also ignore the .vsce from repo with scm if need (.gitignore, .hgignore, .bzrignore, svn:ignore, etc.,)

.vsce for each .sln (Solution File)

You can also define the special version of configuration file for specific solution (for example).



If you have a different solution files:

  • app_2012.sln
  • app_2013.sln etc.

you can also define specific configuration like this:

  • app_2012.vsce
  • app_2013.vsce etc.

The specific configuration in the priority if the .vsce used along with [SolutionFile].vsce.


The .vsce.user is a user configuration (for specific user).

We strongly recommend to ignore this from your SCM, because this contains settings e.g.: value of zooming & Word wrapping of main editor, DebugMode & CacheData of binaries for C# Mode, etc.