Uses SobaScript Starting from 1.3. Part of the documentation may be irrelevant. Please update me.

Togehter with MSBuild provides and powerful conditions, subcommands, file operations, and lot of other.

The vsCommandEvent contains the same engine, but also has differences in several components.


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Object type

The object type is new type for work with complex mixed data. It implemented special for vsCommandEvent.

Value can be from all available scalar types + complex, like this:

{"str", true}
{"str", {1, 'y', {-12.457f}}, true}


List of avaialble components

Currently the most of the components are similar to original from vsSolutionBuildEvent

The documentation here

The differences

Please see a list of changes for checking the actual state of availability of components and some differences between both engines.

List of components that have some differences from original:

DTEComponent For work with EnvDTE.
InternalComponent All internal operations with vsCE.
OWPComponent Works with OWP and similar operations.